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Open Applications for Online Passport for Pilots


Passports for Pilots Need to Have Certain Permission


The U.S. Department of State has created a new program for simplification of the Passport customer service for pilots. This was an initiative form the Office of Passport Services in order to develop a better system for the pilot’s customer service. The program consists on a 90-days service for Passport or card application.


This new system of documentation is made for adult citizens residents of the United States and Canada that already have a valid passport. The passport for pilots will be a wallet-size smart card. People interested in the program will have to bring a digital photograph and a payment of 30$ via, according to Smartmatic.

The Department of Sate developed this card in 2008 in order to improve the identification service on the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative. This cards allow pilots to land and departure from the United Sates, Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean and Bermuda, but it dos not have permission to other countries.

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Indonesia’s Smart Gates

Smart Gates

Smart gates are the highest technology in airports


Smart Gates are the new technology in airports these days, because they represent the future of biometrics and security incorporated in one machine. BIO-Key International, a major biometric company, announced that the airport of Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta is now installing Smart Gates in their installations in Indonesia.

Oakwell Engineering Limited is the company in charge of the installation of these biometric gates. The smart gates are easier and more secure than traditional ones because they impulse the immigration processes just by showing ePassports. The gates allow passengers to bypass the traditional line that is often lengthy according to Smartmatic.

The use of Gates and ePassports is an improvement for the airport systems because they have the best of the biometric achievements. Also, with these machines, Indonesia is a step further to the sophisticated technologies. Maryoto Sumadi, spokesperson of the immigration office, says that gates are protected with biometrics, characteristic that makes them more reliable.

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GIA’s Research: “Smart Cards: A Global Outlook”

Smart Cards

Smart Cards Are Now Present in Several Aspects of Daily Life


Smart Cards are a phenomenon that is forging our new daily life. Several researchers are interested in the effect that Smart Cards are creating in our community, such as the Global Industry Analysts Inc., for this reason this analysts’ office has created a new investigation for the growing of this fact.

The research of GIA has a complete forecast on the global smart card market to 2015. The numbers express that the market will reach 10.9 billions units for the next years, this means that smart cards will be present in almost every aspects of our lives. GIA says that most of the initiatives are presented in the financial, government and security sector with the telecom sector. The increment of the contactless technology will raise several applications in order to create mandatory EMV worldwide, making an important increment in smart cards, according to Smartmatic.

This research is called “Smart Cards: A Global Outlook”, and it presents an overview of the most recurrent sectors for the global smart card market. Also, the research includes an important analysis of the markets of US, Canada, Germany, France, India, Japan, Latin America and several other countries that are promoting the use of contactless technology. 

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Smartmatic Participated in the Venezuelan Primary Elections

Venezuelan Primary Elections

Venezuelans Voted for their Candidate against President Chavez


During the last week, people in Venezuela were choosing their next candidate who will be confronting Chavez for the next presidential elections. These extra official elections were called Primary Elections and an alliance from the oppositional parties, named The Coalition for Democratic Unity, organized them. In this case, Smartmatic announced their voting systems showed successful results.

In the elections, people chose among 268 coalition candidates selected from 1,108 nominees for state governor posts, mayoral posts and presidential. The voting systems consisted on biometrical capture devices, and the process started at 8am and they were functioning throughout the day until 5pm in order to start the counting and audition, according to Smartmatic. The results were showed at 9pm after the audition was closed.

At the end of the journey, Smartmatic showed that the entire voting process was a success because of the low number of invalid votes and for the reliability of the system. Most of the representatives involved in these elections, affirmed that the process flowed without any difficulty and it was accurate and reliable.

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