Open Applications for Online Passport for Pilots


Passports for Pilots Need to Have Certain Permission


The U.S. Department of State has created a new program for simplification of the Passport customer service for pilots. This was an initiative form the Office of Passport Services in order to develop a better system for the pilot’s customer service. The program consists on a 90-days service for Passport or card application.


This new system of documentation is made for adult citizens residents of the United States and Canada that already have a valid passport. The passport for pilots will be a wallet-size smart card. People interested in the program will have to bring a digital photograph and a payment of 30$ via, according to Smartmatic.

The Department of Sate developed this card in 2008 in order to improve the identification service on the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative. This cards allow pilots to land and departure from the United Sates, Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean and Bermuda, but it dos not have permission to other countries.

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